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Book 1: Tuesdays With Morrie

Book 1: Tuesdays With Morrie

Author : Mitch Albom

Genre: Memoir

Tone: Inspiring

Published: 1997

Why I chose this book: I had first come across this book in 2002.All of 26 , and heavily pregnant I neither had the maturity or the motivation to scan through what appeared at that point of time a bland conversation between a Teacher and his Student.  Cut to today, the title gave a sense of Deja Vu and the content promised a pacification. On the New York Best sellers list for 10 years at a stretch, this book had me captured even before I read it.

My Take:
Tuesdays With Morrie is a memoir written by Mitch about his sociology professor Morrie Schwartz. Mitch reconnects with his professor , whom he holds in high esteem after 20 long years only to find out that Morrie is dying of ALS . He meets his professor every Tuesday without fail and their conversations turn into whimsical teachings by his guru. Every Tuesday is a lesson on life ranging from emotions to relationship and even death. At the outset this might sound as a morose and grim reminder of the inevitability of death and dying, but on the contrary Morrie sees positivity and happiness even in his debilitating condition. His enthusiasm and innocence pervades you and you always end up with smile on your face and thought in your mind. .Always the Teacher, taking his "Last Class" Morrie is abound with aphorisms and adages. But the greater truth lies in the simplicity of his words and the pertaining wisdom. My favourite being
                                                “Forgive yourself before you die. Then forgive others.”

Something about this book made me turn the pages effortlessly.


  1. Thank you Smitha for inspiring me to pick up the book and reread what I had cursorily gone through years ago.

  2. I read this long time ago - made me introspect for sure! Love your writing style Smitha!


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